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Thursday, June 19, 2008


As five human animals indigenous to the planet earth, Bob, Dan, Joel, Whitney and Zach have harnessed the intense power of the TORNAVALANCHE. As a contemporary rock combo, they use their instrumentation to emulate sheer power of the tornado and the avalanche. As a material event, this combo reminds us of a young Richard “Ringo” STARkey, as his hard ass drumming in Rorey and the Hurricanes followed the meteorological patterns of a devastating hurricane. This devastation eventually projected Rorey and the Hurricanes to the top of the Liverpool rock scene, and gave Ringo the confidence to form his own combo called the Beatles in 1974. Make no mistake friends, the correlation between TORNAVALANCHE and Ringo Starr is not some 3rd rate Philosophy 101 postulation. It is founded deeply in their harnessing of natural world for their own material use. Watch the skies my friends, a TORNAVALANCHE is on the horizon, and once experienced, you will never be the same.

No Money No Problems
1.Let Them Play
2.Only The Nerds Got Pissed
4."Man I Love The Beatles"
5.Kind Of Like Some Kind Of Monster
6.Falling Back on Dat Azz ( Falling Back on That Ass)

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