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Saturday, June 14, 2008

El Ten Eleven

El Ten Eleven is a two-man post-rock band known for combining guitar/bass doubleneck with heavy effects pedaling over acoustic or electric drumming.

“El Ten Eleven’s dense, textured instrumentals recall post-rock standard-bearers like Tortoise or the Mercury Program, except theirs are created by only two musicians — and a whole lot of effects pedals.” - LA Times.

Every Direction Is North

1.3 Plus 4
2.Every Direction Is North
3.Hot Cakes
5.Music For Staring At Ceilings
7.Dax Pierson
8.Living On Credit Blues
9.The 49th Day
10.Bye Annie, Bye Joe, Bye Michael, Bye Jake

El Ten Eleven
My Only Swerving.01
Sorry About Your Irony.02
Central Nervous Piston.05
Thinking Loudly.06
Bye Mom.09

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