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Friday, June 13, 2008


I think they said it best
"Auto!Automatic!! is comprised of three friends who honestly enjoy playing music together as much as they enjoy a party in the parking lot of the Skate Park of Tampa. Alex Fedele commands the drum kit, while Nate Murray completes the rhythm section with bass lines that drive and anchor each song in place. Brian Larsen crafts innovative, finger-tapped guitar lines that exist metaphysically, weaving in and around the solid rhythm. Together, the band naturally combines left-field time changes and did-you-just-hear-that-man? I-mean-really-did-you-just HEAR-THAT? musicianship with straight forward head bobbin‘ rock’n’roll and melodic hooks that capture everyone’s attention."

Another Round Won't Get Us Down
Samurai Showdown at the University of Tampa .01
Destroy Everything?... I Hate That Button'.02
\\\\\\\\\\ .03
4182333461... Dance! .04
E-Break .05
The Party Beat .06
>>>>>>>>>> .07
Jaded Letters from the Desk of T.Minich .08
A!A!! @ A/A, Eh? .09
That's Some Sick Mouth and Knee Coordination .10
////////// .11
Owl Do It Later .12
Immediately Upschteined?... Ish Don't Think So .13

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