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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Owl City

Owl City offers perfect combinations of laid-back, relaxing "feel-good" music amidst the polite nod to the golden "pre-adolescent" 1980's days when New Wave ruled the music realm. The music reminds me of Ben Gibbard playing electronic dream pop but that shouldn't take away from Adam Young's own beautifully crafted relaxing pop songs that are sure to put you in a good mood.

Of June
1.Swimming In Miami
2.Capatains and Cruise Ships
3.Designer Skyline
4.Panda Bear
5.The Airway
6.Fuzzy Blue LIghts
7.Hello Seattle

Maybe I'm Dreaming
1.On The Wing

2.Rainbow Veins
3.Super Honeymoon
4.The Saltwater Room
5.Early Birdie
6.Air Traffic
7.The Technicolor Phase
8.Sky Diver
9.Dear Vienna
10.I'll Meet You There
11.This Is The Future
12.West Coast Friendship

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