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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


"They make desperate songs about addiction, isolation, hope, murder, sex, and Mexico. In spite of the dark subject matter they’re quite catchy and have led one writer to opine that Pela’s music recalls what might happen if Modest Mouse hitched a ride on U2’s wide-horizon rock’n’roll tour bus.” There's also a definite Bruce Springsteen influence that can be heard.The live recording posted is from when they opened for Rainer Maria at the Bowery Ballroom the night before Rainer Maria's last show and is of fairly good quality.

Next Show:

06/21 - After the Jump

Brooklyn, NY

The singer recently fell on a broken pint glass and and cut some tendons in his hand which has resulted in a large amount of medical bills. You can donate here using paypal or buy their album here

Live Brooklyn, NY 12.16.06
2.Lost To The Lonesome
3.Drop Me Off
4.The Trouble With River Cities
5.Song Writes Itself
8.Waiting On The Stairs

Anytown Graffiti
1.Waiting On The Stairs
2.Lost To The Lonesome
3.Drop Me Off
4.The Trouble With River Cities
6.Song Writes Itself
7.Your Desert's Not A Desert At All
8.Tenement Teeth
9.Rooftops (Moth Outro Song)
10.Anytown Graffiti
11.7th and 17th

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