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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sleeping People

Born at the crack of the year 2002, San Diego's Sleeping People began as some sort of razor-sharp punk prog-metal trio - two guitars and drums, and too much energy to safely contain. In 2003 they added Kenseth Thibideau (our proverbial 'everyman' that also plays in Howard Hello and Pinback) on bass. It would prove to be a perfect match. Like they were meant to be together from the start, the band scrapped all of their original songs and started over as a much more intense four-piece. Taking a variety of classic and contemporary influences, they speed it up, fuck it up, and serve it up. And you'll love it. This is their newest full lenghth

1.Centipede's Dream
2.James Spader
3.Yellow Guy/ Pink Eye
4.Mouth Breeder
5. ...Out Dream
6.Three Things
7.Grow Worm
9.It's Heart Loves Open
10.People Staying Awake

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