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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hockey Night

Good band that was from the twin cities and broke up back in 2007

“nonstop mind-zap melodies. superhooks and shimmery light-tones. harmonized dual guitars ride atop innertubes. watery vocal jams dripping hooks and glops. giant folk choruses and late evening wood-flutes. fire and echos, blazing over glistening drum shots and slippery hits. then solo becomes eagle-mind soaring above EarthRiver while fizzy throat hums. return to melody.”

They also sound a lot like Pavement. Just think Pavement

Keep Guessing
1.Get Real
2.For Guys' Eyes Only
3.Greet The Dawn
4.Sunset Eyes
5.Saturday Night Gallop
7.This Peaceful Year
11. Dream Fader

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