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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Forstella Ford

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Forstella Ford is once again one of the hardest working bands in independent music. Relentless touring and songwriting have left them with a loyal following that spans three continents and with their new lease on life, they show absolutely no sign of slowing down.

Towering drums and driving guitars mark Forstella Ford’s music with a passion and intensity that borders on sonic virtuosity. Melodic and reflective one moment, fierce and raucous the next, Forstella Ford will train the listener’s ear to find new meaning through each listen.

Quietus is one of my favorite albums

Members are now in TORNAVALANCHE.

Relics Of An Unseen Life
1.The Rest Is Silent
3.Relics Of An Unseen Life
4.6 a.m.
5.Star Facet
6.Wrong I Explicable
7.I Echoed So Loud
8.A Winter Calendar
9.Pointed Observations

1.Future Perfect Tense
2.Tell-Tale Signs And Sure-Fire Ways
3.Irrational And Repeating
4.Dying On Our Terms
5.Indoor Air
6.Summary Treatment
8.Dashing Hopes
9.Act O
f Disappointing Someone
10.Mercurian Harmonium

Well Versed In Deception
1.Ground Noise
2.Lesson In Accomplishment
3.I Can Get Away With Anything
4.Indication By Demonstration
5.What The World Needs Now
6.Deep Six

If you like it BUY IT!

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