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Monday, November 3, 2008


A three-piece instrumental band from Chicago, Piglet craft manic and hyperbolic orchestrated jams that the discerning listener would expect from such a storied city. Having cut their teeth in the clubs and bars of their native lakeside city, the trio capitalizes on the power afforded by Chicago’s monsters of rock and infuses it into their unique song writing approach, resulting in a style of music that they can sincerely call their own. With two members of Seyarse you know these kids are no strangers to complicated, mind-bending song structures.
For fans of Pele, Volta Do Mar, Don Caballero and likeminded

Lava Land
1. Bug Stomp
2. Caramel
3. Little Bubble, Where Are You Going?
4. Anthropology Anthology
5. Pangea Reunion
6. Plastic Stars, Cotton Highways

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