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Friday, November 7, 2008


This Chicago trio has fused together elements of chaotic discord found in their more math-rocky counterparts along with the sticky-sweet guitar and bass melodies that frequent many a Pele song. Members went on to play in Russian Circles.

Shoot In The Dark
1.Hamburger Help Us

2.I Hope To God I'm Not A Sheep
3.Indian Givers, Cowboy Takers
4.Don't Pee In My Bed And Tell Me It's Raining
5.Bruises Are Buttons For Pain
6. No Matter How Hard I Try... I Never Remember The Alamo
7.Getting Angry Is The Worst Way To Prove You're Not Drunk
8.Can I Write Something On Your Face
9.Just Because You Can't See My Invisible Forcefield Doesn't Mean It's Not There
10.Square Meals At Round Tables

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