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Monday, November 17, 2008

The City On Film

The City on Film is the official name of Bob Nanna's solo act. He began solo recordings in 1997 during the off-time between Braid tours.The City on Film's sound is generally lighter, slower, and more cerebral than that of either Braid or Hey Mercedes. There are several lyrical connections and similarities across all three acts. This set includes a couple Braid songs and a couple Hey Mercedes songs.

I'd Rather Be Wine Drunk.01
Secret Santa Cruz.02
Boy Destroyers.03
Portland, Maine And The Pouring Rain.04
I'm Afraid Of Everything.05
Does It Rain In Your Womb?.06
(Strawberry Ann) Switzerland.07
A Dozen Roses.08
How A Helicopter Sounds.09
Stay Six.10
Lost My Lights.11

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