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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fourth Of July

The root of all Fourth Of July songs is singer/songwriter Brendan Hangauer playing alone with a nylon-stringed guitar. Awash in a love of Dylan, Townes and Kitty Wells (as much as Silver Jews, Papa M and Palace), Hangauer’s songs are full of intimate interactions, cutting observations and dreamy, heartfelt candor. They’re grainy, personal films pulled off with a natural director’s touch. But as soon as they’re brought to the band, which includes Hangauer’s brothers Partick (bass) and Kelly (keys/trumpet) as well as fellow singer Adrianne Verhoeven (former The Anniversary), guitarist Steve Swyers and drummer Brian Costello, the songs explode into amplified urgency and bold, bright heartland-pop.

Fourth Of July On The Plains
Be Careful.01
Can't Sleep.02
Surfer Dude.03
Why Did I Drink So Much Last Night?.04
Long Gone.05
In Debt.06
Purple Heart.07
She's In Love.08
The Faint.09
Like A Tiger.10
Killer Bees.11
Pimps In Paris.12

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