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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Chicago math rock/post hardcore that is still catchy and danceable.

Don't Face A Problem... Burn It
The Bull Starts Here.01
Phone Rings. Wake Up. Remember Nothing. Repeat Cycle.02
What's Going On With the Word "Fuck"?.03
Quit Quitting Only To Quit Again.04
Brow Bender, Eye Peeper.05
The Monet Shot.06
We Were A Tabloid Dream Team.07
Okay, Man. Sure. No Problem. Um, Thanks.08

The End Result EP

1. If I Were Otherwise
2. Stop The Room From Spinning
3. Brow Bender, Eye Peeper
4. The End Result

Split W/ Last Ditch Effort
A Firsthand Account.01
Brown Et Al.02
Something Has Gone Very Wrong.03

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