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Thursday, July 10, 2008


A dynamic threesome from central Michigan, LaSalle are post-rock balladeers featuring the husband/wife team of Mike & Katy Reed plus long time friend and drummer Dan Jaquint (Mike & Dan of Small Brown Bike fame). LaSalle begins where Small Brown Bike left off, capturing the same brand of catchy rock with punk rock roots and an indie aesthetic. The difference now is a certain maturity, and the diversity provided with male/female vocals.

Pretty World
1.Pretty World
3.A Little Bit
4.To Sea
5.21st Century

6.Task Analysis
7.Take This Man
8.So Something
9.Four Years Of Fear
10.The Falcon

Expedition Songs
A Prescription For His Social Life.01
Oasis In The Sun.02
Move, Stop, Repeat.03
Flip Flops And White Suits.04
Hurt For Long.05
Other Side Of Night.06
Little Kicks.07
Vanishing Point.08
The Ancient Mariner Of 1989.10
Don't Call.11

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