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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Storm & Stress

Storm & Stress are a U.S. experimental rock trio consisting of guitarist/vocalist Ian Williams (ex-member of Don Caballero, current member of Battles), bassist Erich Ehm, and drummer Kevin Shea. They derive their name from the German literary movement Sturm und Drang.

Storm & Stress
We Write Threnodies. We Write With Explosions
2.Today is Totally Crashing & Stunned in Bright Lights
3.Dance 'til Record Skips Like Passengers Shift on Take Off
4.Micah Gaugh Sings All Is All
5.Guitar Cabinet Stack Way High Is Freedom or Gravity Gives Us Rhythm
6.Piles of Blinkers Slip for New Years
7.Orange Cone Made No Noise


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