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Friday, August 1, 2008

Creta Bourzia

Pittsburgh math rockers Creta Bourzia followed most obviously in the footsteps of local heroes Don Cabellero but added vocals and a stronger metal influence to their forebears' explosive, dissonant prog-punk. Creta Bourzia's roots lay in the early-'90s Pittsburgh band Liquid Brick, which dissolved and watched its members move on to other groups. Eventually, three core musicians -- vocalist/guitarist Jason Jouver, guitarist Jeff Ellsworth, and drummer Dennis Kern -- reunited under the Creta Bourzia banner, and brought in bassist Simon Clark for their first album, the locally released Memories of Earth. Clark later departed, and the band added producer/engineer Andy Wright on bass and extra percussion, as well as auxiliary keyboardist Justin Rathell. Both contributed heavily to the band's second album 1002. Most members went on to form the new Don Caballero.

Memories Of Earth
2.My Favorite Nebula
3.Say So Sensai
4.Catalytic Corn Converter
5.Fuck The Tough Guy
6.Beginner Funk
7.Maggot Pride
8.Breaking The Speed Of Wind
9.Softcore Porn
10.Daredevil Of The Zodiac

Marijuana Tragedy.01
Pittsburgh Platter.02
Skipping Stones.04
Year And Make.05
We're Quitting Tomorrow.07
Mail Order Bribe.08
1 Minute @ 70 MPH.09
Ad Infinitum.10
Full Metal Showcase.11

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